CES 2016: Notable Product Highlights

A small sampling of products announced at CES that we thought you might enjoy! Did we miss any that should be mentioned? If so let us know here!

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Canon Announces Five new PowerShot Digital Cameras

Canon Selphy

Canon today announced the SELPHY CP1200 Wireless1 Compact Photo Printer. This freshly redesigned, for ability to print more memories than ever before.

For Selfie Junkies

This little puppy wraps around your wrist, your handle bars, almost anything you want to take a selfie from!

DJI goes 4K

Are you getting into drones? If so check out what DJI just did…they went all 4K on us with this new drone.

Panasonic revealed the Lumix DMC-ZS60, a compact shooter with an 18-megapixel MOS sensor and a 30x zoom lens.

360fly is creating buzz at CES this year.

It is the size of a little ball, has one lens and a rich 4K image sensor inside, to take spherical view videos of the world.

Fixed Wing Drone?

The Parrot Disco have developed the first fixed wing drone capable of speeds upwards of 50 mph!

The Kodak Super 8 Revival Initiative

Nikon Announces something big!

Photo.net forums have been buzzing about it!

Nikon also released their KeyMission 360

Kodak again with their 4K 360 action camera


For the no battery challenged. 4K performance and re-charge with the sun. Coming in March.

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