Camera Bags for Ladies: Review of Jo Totes and Epiphanie Bags

I’m known in my house as the bag lady. I have a purse, a diaper bag, a laptop backpack, and a camera bag with me most of the time. When I come home and drop all of my bags on the kitchen floor, I usually get a look and a sigh from my husband.

I’ve been trying out different solutions to reduce the number of bags while I have my camera with me and the number of ugly bags while I’m at it. I’ve wrapped my camera in cloth diapers in my diaper bag to eliminate my boring, nylon camera bag that is too small to carry an extra lens and an external flash anyway. I’ve switched to a diaper bag that doesn’t look so much like a diaper bag. I’ve downsized my daily purse. Still, I’m the bag lady. If only my camera bag was also my diaper bag…or if only my camera bag and purse were combined, I’d be happy.

I went on a hunt and found that many other women photographers, particularly mothers, were also trying desperately to simplify the bag situation. Bonus: there are tons of styles that these two companies offer that are as attractive as any handbag you’d carry.

Jo Totes and Epiphanie both have solved my problems. Here’s how.

Jo Totes


The diaper bag 17227892


  • adjustable strap
  • a large side pocket
  • two small front pockets
  • a roomy zippered pocket in the front flap that folds over to close the bag
  • adjustable, velcro compartments inside
  • smooth, silky material lining the inside main compartment
  • an optional shoulder pad
  • color options: black, brown, mustard, or teal

The roomy Betsy (11 × 15.5 × 4) is made of very high quality faux leather. You can adjust the strap to carry it over your shoulder or across your body. Of the three bags I tried out, this worked the best in terms of a combined diaper bag/camera bag/purse, though I’d only suggest using as a diaper bag for a short trip and you’ll still need to take bottles/sippy cups with you separately (there is no separate compartment to keep liquid away from your camera equipment).

There’s room at the top of the inside compartment for items that are soft (that you wouldn’t mind bumping into your equipment); in the front flap for kid’s snacks and a wallet; in the inside compartment for longer things like a planner or book; and the front pockets hold keys, film rolls, filters, or any other smaller items you may have. The camera compartments can be configured to your needs with strong velcro. I easily fit a DSLR, telephoto lens, film camera, and external flash inside.



The purse 17227894


  • optional shoulder strap and cross-body strap
  • three pockets in the front (two magnetic and one zip)
  • two zippered pockets inside
  • a quick-access non-zippered compartment on the side WITH a zippered pocket inside
  • adjustable, velcro compartments inside
  • smooth, silky lining
  • color options: black, magenta, greige, butterscotch, mint, teal, mustard

The Gracie eliminates the need for an additional purse while taking your camera out. You can easily fit a DSLR body, an extra lens, and an external flash in the adjustable compartments inside (you could squeeze in one more lens and even a tripod as well). There are so many other pockets for the rest of your stuff, from an iPad sized zipper compartment inside the bag to keys and incidentals in the roomy front pockets. There is also extra room on top of the equipment divider inside for other extras as well because the bag is tall and very spacious (13 × 13.25 × 4.74).




The laptop bag 17227895


  • a roomy, super-soft interior compartment
  • three pockets (one zippered inside pocket, one zippered outside pocket, and one easy-access pocket in the front exterior
  • braided shoulder straps
  • optional cross-body strap
  • adjustable, velcro compartments inside
  • optional shoulder pad
  • colors options: grey, black, camel, teal, red

The large (18 × 13 × 6.25) Clover definitely eliminates the need to carry both a laptop bag and a camera bag and the wide shoulder strap makes it a little easier on your shoulder to carry that much weight at one time. If you are going out on an all-day shoot, this one bag would work fine as a combined purse/laptop/camera bag because of the extra pockets that would allow for a cell phone, money, keys, and other necessary items (though don’t plan on taking anything that isn’t necessary). I was able to fit two lenses, a dslr body, a small tripod, and a Holga into the main compartment. The blingy keychain is a fun added touch.


Final Thoughts

All three of these bags offer a solution to your bag lady problems and they are simply beautiful. They obviously aren’t perfect for every situation (wildlife photography, for example), but for daily hauling of your commonly used equipment or for when you have to hop on an airplane and go, they are just right. They also make a great gift, as seen in the Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

For more information and different styles, visit and

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    • This is a very well written review, Cara.  You did your homework.  Excellent use of details.  Your human interest beginning was to the point.  You showed the need for these bags based on your personal experience.  A model review in all respects.

      Given the tenor of modern life, men might find use for these bags too.

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