5 Things You Must Include in Your Creative Portfolio

by Ryan Robinson

(An excerpt from blog.creativelive.com)

A crowded industry is tough. It’s difficult to get the best clients, and can be even more challenging to establish a foothold as a strong new competitor with your product or service.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or you’re looking for new career opportunities, having a cutting edge online portfolio is essential to standing out from the crowd.

You know you’re too talented to expect a single sheet of a resume to capture all of your awesomeness.

How do you expect potential clients, customers, and employers to be blown away by the incredible photos you’ve taken, campaigns you ran, website you designed, or app you built, without checking it out for themselves?

Whether you’re pursuing work as a photographer, writer, designer, or developer, one thing’s for sure…

The key to a knockout first impression—is a powerful portfolio that showcases your successes.

In order to maximize your odds of standing out from your peers, you need an impressive digital portfolio that can highlight your skills and accomplishments. It’ll help you to land that dream job, get higher paying clients, or book a speaking gig at a prestigious conference.

Ready to build your own portfolio? Join Erica Gamet as she gives you step-by-step instructions to Create An Online Portfolio to help you stand out. 


1. Who You Are.

There’s no question about it, you need a descriptive internet presence. Tell your story. Feel free to share things like how you came to love web design, or your first experience with taking photos at a young age. Make the information relatable and personable.

It’s important to let your personality shine through: helping people relate to you is a huge step in getting them to hire you instead of someone else.

You can get started crafting that powerful bio right now with these helpful writing prompts from writing guru Alexandra Franzen.

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