25 Pictures of Purple

Purple, apparently, is the color most used by artists. It is the hardest color for our eyes to single out. Purple was symbolic of tyranny in Roman times and symbolic of the counterculture in the 1960s and 1970s. These photos all represent various shades of purple and each one is taken by a different talented photo.net photographer.

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Brane Vidan
Violet splash

Joanne Millington
Bokeh Pinky

Nikolay Sirakov
Under a Violet

Don Paulson
Western Purple Laccaria

Edward Mendes
Morning Reflections by Edward Mendes

Hans Peters

Rosca Teodora

David Hose

Kombizz Kashani
Mystic Light

Jamie Taylor

Gabriel Harding
Spikey Green on Purple

dennie campbell

Sebastijan Kovak
Bee on Flower

Raymon Elstad
Ohia Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Tony Hadley

Tim Zeipekis
Mackinaw Bridge at Dusk

Gail Harmer
Tired Bee

Adnan Buballo

Greg Heller
Purple Cleome

Chris Maes

Anjul Sahu
on the run

Dan Girard
Purple Water

James Paul Frank
Purple Flower

Roger Rekstad
Purple Pleasure

Laurie Gagnon

Martine GUAY
Reunion Island

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