25 Photos of Pairs

Two is better than one.

These photographs all show pairs: animals, flowers, families, couples, and more.

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Giuseppe Guadagno
Poppies cheek to cheek

Paul Silverman
Max and Sam’s tail

Seth Parker

Allan Maxfield
Love & Care

Andrea Acailawen
Still Life: Botanical Photography. Watercolor Irises #001

Cynthia Bettencourt
Angie + Sarah – Engagement Session

Jody Frost

Oliver Deboy
love letter

Cara St.Hilaire

Art X
k i s s

Ewa Brakoniecka
Valentine’s Day

Andy Klamar

Jessica Siegert
Acceptance Kiss

Magnar Bornes

Melissa Papaj
Momma’s Girl

Arleta Magda
Pregnant couple

Michael Kingsley
Mike Ackland travel portfolio 37

Mirek Krcma
…my oh my

Somnath Mukherjee
Ripples of Endearment / Kopai, Bolpur (Santiniketan), West Bengal / July 2013

Lena Urazaeva
Lena and Lyajsan

Bree Bailey
Oh, Daddy

Philip Carlo Jorgensen
Spring is here

Mehmet Can

wim puts

Rarindra Prakarsa
me and my mother

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photo by Christopher Pethick

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    • One or two sentimental pair photos among a larger number of more interesting and diversified photos might be in order. This feels like a very one-dimensional look at "pairings." Each photo has the Hallmark greeting card look and that gets old really fast. There are a few very nice ones in the bunch, made harder to appreciate because of the redundancy in sensibility throughout the series.

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    • Nice collection of chosen images of 'pairs' with lots of nice & warm feeling for my hungry eyes.
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    • I agree with Fred G. above.  Too much homogeneity from a site that has some wonderful photography including some that takes chances and does it well -- those photos seem not to have been considered.   Nonetheless, all the photos are quite workmanlike, and none is to be criticized individually -- just the collection's overall 'look and feel' which (for want of a better word) is 'schmaltzy'.




      John (Crosley)

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    • a wonderful selection of "pairs"...thanks...

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