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Brand advertising is more effective on niche social media sites like because the enthusiast members are more deeply engaged in the webpage environment. members post more than 375k comments/photos monthly.
Section Targeting
Geographic Targeting
Frequency Capping
Time of Day Targeting
Day of Week Targeting
Browser Targeting
Competitive Exclusion
Custom Programs can tailor advertising solutions to fit your needs. We have complete publishing control and flexibility on our sites so that we can provide superior results for your total ad campaign. Exclusive Forum Sponsorships
Search & Contextual Integration
Bi-Monthly Newsletter Sponsorship
Seasonal Shopping Guides
Creative Media Integration
“Page Peel” Ad Unit
“Photo of the Week” Sponsorship

Rich Media

Rich media ad formats allow you to incorporate animation, sound, video, and interactivity to showcase your message to the audience. works with all of the leading rich media providers including PointRoll, Eyeblaster, Unicast, Eyewonder, Klipmart, Flash, Shockwave, etc. Expandable Ads
Peel Pages
Push Downs
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