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IR Silence...Okay Okay... of the ooops Swans haha

tony georgiadis

P.SShot from almost water level

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Picture perfect. Were you standing from the neck down under water? Sure looks like it...
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Marc thanks a lot for your comment. I wonder How low can I go to get a different angle hahaha there was a kind of very small platform which suited me fine and thank God am skinny otherwise I would have sunk me my camera and that platform hahaha

I kind of kneeled and lowered my body so much keeping my camera so heavy with that extra wide converter on it so tight near the surface of the water keeping it as much level I could and trying to see something on my LCD on a sunny day almost against the light and checking that Swan doesn't move much and spoils my composition or disappears till I get my things together I remember too for a moment that I had a foot raised for a while to get in some kind of balance and I saw a few nature lovers coming close some maybe thought I was rehearsing or something for the Swan Lake ballet... some others thought I got the biggest fish in that river and couldn't drag it up.....hahahaha when they realized what I was doing some left laughing maybe asking themselves why doesn't he takes the shot standing or sitting on that platform. Some got puzzled and curious and remained... But the Swan seeing what I went through for this shot she or he felt so sorry I guess for me and stood still....... Or maybe wondering what the hell I was trying to do.. MY opinion is that she or he wanted to have a good laugh seeing me falling in the water ....but at the end of the day I got what I was looking for. Do you think I should ask Brian Motterhead for a new camera as a replacement if it had fallen in the water from Photo.net? or if I got a 3/3 as a rating from somebody sitting confortably in his chair at home with a nice drink in his hand....... could I go to abuse and ask them to delete that 3/3 after all I went through to get that shot?

Jokes aside That's another reason I LOVE MY 717 with it's swivelling body I took the most akward angles and shots with it and it also saved me money going to a fitness Club to exercise...

I got the Nikon D70 also because it's IR friendly but would I get such a shot with it with my latest Super zoom 12-2000 1,2 on the whole range at a mere 15.000 dollars the bargain of the century? and on top of it keeping it still in my hands for a 2-4 seconds exposure hahahaha

am sure not...and it would cost Brian more money too to replace it hahahaha

PS Maybe we could ask Brian to have a rating for Aesthetics rating for originality and Rating for risks being taken for executing a particular shot hahaha

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