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© my photo, please respect.



© my photo, please respect.
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I took this photo over the Canadian thanksgiving last weekend, I

liked how the symmetry and balance of the photo comes together. The

color saturation was hightened by using Fuji Velvia slide film. I'm

new to shooting in a square format, but i'm enjoying using it to my

advantage. I posted some others in the same folder if you're

interested in seeing more. Enjoy.

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I really like this photo. IT really gives me a feeling of peace and beauty. THe colors are great and i love it being square. Very nice shot! Well done.
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Nice shot. Nice rich color and crisp focus. Don't know if it is my monitor or the jpg compression - I am seeing lots of streak marks in the sky.
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Hi, nice picture. It has a northern, relaxed vacation feel to it! (Wow, who'da thunk...) I of course love the 'Velvia effect', which makes *anyone's* landscape pictures look better. Your image here is worth comment for me, because of the composition: it complements the relaxed scene. I would expect to see people in light sweaters, cupping hot chocolate and looking forward to going inside later. This looks like it was a nice vacation for you. :-) Thanks for the enjoyable picture. (Dave, I'm not seeing the streaking you noted. Why don't you copy it into your favorite photo-editing software, double the size, and see if the streaks continue to appear in the same relative place, or if they're elsewhere...or nowhere.)
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Love to see those square images from TLRs! Very clean, inviting image. I would have liked to see the dock come in more towards the center of the frame.


BTW, I'm using a 21 inch monitor using true color settings in Windows, and I don't see any streaks in the sky.

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I cant see the banding in the sky on my montior (CRT) here. I gather it is noticable on LCD monitors though. Whatever it is, it is not on the slide itself and is more likely an artifact of the scanning/jpeg'ing process, although I took steps to minimize it, the fine color gradations in the velvia slide must overwhelm our puny computers :)

Thanks for everyone's kind comments !

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I really enjoyed looking into this scene, very relaxing and soothing. Don't you just love Velvia's saturation, I rarely use anything else for nature shots.
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