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Digital Infrared, with adjustments in hue/saturation/colorize, curves,and levels.

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this looks like a Hollywood shot straight out of a movie called, The Time Machine ( the modern one ) !


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Fantascientific image, it seems to go out from a Philip Dick story!

What is this? Is a aeolian plant or a digital manipulation?

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love the turning turbines, but I can't like the pipes at their bottoms, I'm afraid! They look so ethereal, and that just looks like plumbing, you know? Probably representational of real life, the nature of human existence, something like that...

The toning is wonderful - good choice!

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I thought they looked like cannon barrels at first. Beautiful and disturbing. One minor distraction, for me was the pine tree in the background -- in my mind, it clashed with the industrial/mechanical intensity of the rest of the photo. Doesn't seem to bother anybody else so. Congrats on such an unusual photo!
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