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© Copyright 2001 mpirra@earthlink.net Mario Pirraglia

Flying high



© Copyright 2001 mpirra@earthlink.net Mario Pirraglia

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Mario, Is this a composite photo? Something about it doesn't ring true. Also, the T-33 (if I'm correct) in the forground is pretty dirty, even with a gray scheme. I normally like a nice airplane photograph, but this looks fakey.
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Agreed, this looks like a composite job. Correct me if I'm wrong, of course, but it doesn't feel right with the lighting on the foreground aircraft...What are the exposure details that would bring out such detail in the foreground aircraft, while not burning the sky out to a lighter colour?
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Very good analysis.

You are all right, it is a composite photo.

The plane in the foreground is on a pedestal located in Collingwood Ontario.

The picture of the planes in the background was taken at the Canadian International Air Show.


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