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© copyright 2001 juergenkollmorgen@gmx.de - any use to be negotiated

"Jetsamed" - 500 shell portraits, jetsamed at the beach. Photoshop montage.


Shells jetsamed from the sea, shells photographed and digitally rearranged on a strip of sand.Orginal size of composition: 40x20cm


© copyright 2001 juergenkollmorgen@gmx.de - any use to be negotiated

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This the result of testing my own patience and the capabilities of

Photoshop. Shells individually photographed were copied onto the

sandstripe background as individual layers and placed randomly like

jetsome washed ashore.

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I like this as a digital composite, but it's obviously not a photograph (which is not necessarily a bad thing). I only have 2 suggestions to possible improve this: the black thing (is it a hole? is it a shell?) in the middle is distracting and I can't tell what it is; I think it ought to be replaced with a pretty shell instead. Also, I'd like to see a little more water before the crest. Otherwise, beautiful!
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Amy, thanks for your comments. The "black hole" is a dark-grey shell, not so clear in this low-res jpg version. In the original version the tones of that shell are more clear.
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Isn't the Ixus an amazing camera? This is really nice - the only thing I would suggest is a little more light on the water at the top. Could you explain one thing - were each of the shells photographed and placed individually, or did you do them in groups or batches? If individually, how long did it take?
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An intricate piece of work. A labour of love you might say. I can't decide whether to view this as an 'over the head' shot with the tide coming in. or a cross section of the sand & the shells buried at different depth levels. Perhaps it might be a composite of both (Picasso projected different perspective & angles in one image). I really like the light & the creativity here.
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A great idea, Juergen, really... I saw this today for the first time, and it's well worth dropping by again... :-)
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