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Monarch butterfly on purple flower. From the butterfly tent, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA.

isaac sibson

Canon EOS 5 and Sigma 70-300 APO Macro, internal flash.

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Looking through your folders, it looks like nearly every one of your images is composed with the animal (or flower) dead center in the frame.
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That is an extremely constructive comment. I wish to thank you for it.


The explanation is that all of the pictures in my folders were taken with my EOS 5 camera. Eye-control on the EOS 5 is painfully slow, and doesn't work vertically, so I disabled it and tended to use the central AF point. Hence the dead-centre subjects.


I have now changed to an EOS 3, and with the rather more capable ECF and much wider area of AF coverage, I'm no longer so fixed to the central point. I am also putting much more time into my technique now, and relying less on AF and Program AE (which was too easy on the EOS 5). I was too reliant on these things previously.


Your comment really made me realise that it was time to pull my own game up more to match my equipment. That's a process that will take a while, and practice, but I'm combining it with increasing my familiarity with the EOS 3.

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