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Symbols have changed the meaning (please read the first comment)

Symbols have changed the meaning (please read the first comment)

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That church has been built in 1927 and at those times swastika had different connotation than after the II World War, and Holocaust. Polish people have strongly hated German Nazi nonetheless floor wasn't changed when Nazist left the country. After all it's hard to accuse Dalaj Lama of supporting the Nazi for instance.

So I do not imply by any means that roman catholic church supported Nazi during the II World War.My only intention is to show that meaning of the swastika has changed in Europe. To avoid concequeces of bad understanding I didn't write exact adress of that particular church.

Thank you for reading this explanation.

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I think most people, when they see the swastika, automatically link it to Nazism. I am an Asian, and have no direct experience with Nazism in Europe, though I very much feel for all those that suffered. What I would like to clarify is that in Asian religious/philosophical context, the swastica used is NOT the same as the one used by the Nazis, specifically the Asian swastika is a clockwise one, as opposed to the anti-clockwise rotation used by the Nazis. They are different symbols altogether, and they mean different things altogether. One of the meaning of the Buddhist swastika is the 'Wheel of Life'. In fact, early Buddist do not have an image of the Buddha, as he was protray exclusively in symbols, with a footprint or the wheel being most common. Only much later, in Bamiyan, did the earliet image of Buddha in human form appeared, and was rapidly adopted accross most Buddhist regions.

i don't know what the original symbols in this Polish church means. But I am certain it is not the same one Buddhist used.

But this is a very nice picture. Thanks for sharing it.


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