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I like the randomness of this image and the untold story but am

curious to see if you all will bash it (in a constructive way, of

course)...any comments welcome.

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I think it's an interesting glimpse, but as a photograph it's somewhat lacking. If there was a context - i.e. a series of shots or a study of that individual, it would provide more meaning. As a singular image, it lacks intrigue and suffers from a non-photographic summation.


I shot a series of polaroids with the deliberate intent that the meaning was in the total. The one photo I submitted for critique was the one I felt nailed that intent - but I soon realized that that internal dialogue was meaningless outside the context. To intuit the meaning was to immerse yourself in the series.


So as a photo it lacks, but as a concept, it begs to be explored - pursue it - the casual glance is ripe with import and the process of communicating it is brilliant with potential

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The off-center effect would be more meaningful if there was something in the background relevant to the people in the foreground, even if it was not sharply focused. A school, church, etc. If the people filled the frame, they could be the subject and it could be an interesting portrait, but as it is, the viewer gets the impression that there is something they are talking about, and it's missing from the picture. It's great that you are trying alternatives to the same ol' same ol', though.
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Jill, I like all of your stuff, but especially this shot (I also really like the close-cropped, angled shot of the boy and girl, also in this folder.) I tend to disagree with the above posters. I'm not sure why there needs to be any more meaning than a well captured, cool shot of a little girl. The cropping is real nice as is, and background is a pleasing almost solid color that, with the narrow dof and blurred foreground heads, draws all the focus to the girl's face. Very nice.
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I really love this. I don't think you should crop it or anything. She's caught up in the group of people around her, not in the empty space that surrounds her. It's great.
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