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© Release to be negociated.

Sign reads: "Private. No parking. Towing at your expense."


Taken with 50 mm lens. Uncropped.


© Release to be negociated.

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The intent of the picture was to put the apparently bored young girl

under this huge "No parking" sign in order to suggest that she had

been waiting there for a long time. It's a bit naive, I know, but it's

hard to create pictures that tell a story, even a simple one.


What do you think? Is the composition dynamic enough? Would more

context help or is the girl lost enough in a corner of the picture? Do

the white sign and the black dress contrast nicely? Does the "story"

work? Did you smile?


All comments welcome. I'm always ready to learn and being on this site

for a month has already thought me lots of valuable lessons. Thanks to


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To me, the boredom/resignedness of the girl clearly comes through. If I saw this without your explanation, I'd think she's come back to her car after a long day only to find it towed away... So yes, there is definitely a story here, but perhaps each person sees his or her own.
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Yes I agree with Vahe, I too would assume her car was towed away. It isn't obviously posed, it looks natural & photojournalistic. B&W works well, & the textures of the bkgrd look good.
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To me the sign refers to the girl. I do not see an "implied" car. Anyone who came back to find their car gone would not be sitting around looking like that.



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One of your best. I know nothing about the story behind the photo

but I think there is no connection between the girl and the sign. She is

somewhere else hardly noticing what is going on around. Blago

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I like the idea, and it did make me smile a bit. By only suggestion would be to photograph this straight from the front. I think it would make the composition simpler and stronger.
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