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BWC11 Nude


Zoom 80-210 mm

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Fresh and appealing. Good face symmetry,inviting eyes. An overall interestng face. As you can tell I like your model. Use her more often. The light is good.The hair is good. The pose is not bad. Not original but nice. The sepia tone is good and the touches of color are just enough and tasteful. The lei of flowers is also appealing. You know how to use little props like that Alexei. And your work continues to get better. My congratulations. Thanks for opportunity to comment.GS
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Your work seems very fresh and real to me. Like a natural beauty who doesn't need make-up.




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We pierce navels,fetishise on so many body parts,- why not tinted nipples and aureole,which are sign stimuli in any event?Really!. Big difference between "visually obtrusive," if one thinks that and " coarse and rude." (a value judgment that just doesn't follow). Gut reactions are certainly fine,especially in this type of subject, granted. Alexei probably would like to know why tinting the edge of the breast is so gauche. (Photospeaking if you divide the portrait into sectors,you tinted eyes, lips,and then the other er structures? I still like it Al. GS
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I like this shot a lot. The model is very appealing, with a kind of strange mixture of innocence and deep knowing. The pose is a little difficult for me, especially the left arm. However, I like the tight cropping.


I normally don't care for coloring but you have done a very tasteful job. Nice work!

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My wife disagrees with my comments above. Says she finds the tinted nipples ARE obtrusive. That they are the first thing to draw her eye. She likes pose, model, flowers. But reacts to tinted nipples as overemphasizing same to downplay other good elements. So,how about that, an alternate perspective to show our family harmony:-). And I don't think this is necessarily what we call a "guy thing." Aloha, GS
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Very nice picture (and model) ruined by totally useless hand painting. The picture would work much better just as a regular sepia-toned B&W.


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