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Russian tower under construction

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i think this is really cool. the photo has a stark feeling, with only three main objects in the frame (if it were mine i might cheat and photoshop out the structures on the bottom right). the crane justifies the centered building, lending an off-balance element to make the otherwise symmetrical composition interesting. the barbed wire across the bottom of the frame acts sort of the same way--it adds interest with its slight curve and small barbs, but it harmozes with the other images by being basically symmetrical in the line it makes and the barb placement. i think this is a really interesting take on a not-necessarily-interesting subject, which is the mark of a good eye...it doesn't take an artist to make a pretty subject look pretty. but it takes a good eye and a creative mind to make mundane objects have aesthetic value. well done!
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This photo really works. The simplicity of the elements, the way the straight, diagonal and curvy lines intersect make it all happen. The clouds in the sky add the texture. Excellent composition.
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I like the contrast of the yellow crane against the blue sky. The familiar elements, put together here, make this scene feel almost alien. I think the buildings in the bottom right help ground the image and give it perspective. And of course, the clouds are wonderful. Overall, it's a great interpretation of a relatively familiar subject.
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Really well done photo! The crane almost looks like a screw through the tower and the barb wire in the foreground is a brilliant touch. :)

Keep up the good work!

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The photo was taken some half a year ago and the building pretty much looks the same today. The way of building is said to be from Russia.
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