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Geese Flight

Geese Flight


Taken handheld at f/8 1/1000th of a second.


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First off I know that I underexposed to get this photo, but I think

it was worth it. I moved slowley upon this flock and didn't scare

them away until I was about 20 feet away and stuck with my autofocus

and got only one blurred shot out of 25 on the roll. Let me know

what you think of this shot. Negative and positive comments

welcomed as well as ratings.


Also try and check out my outher photos in my portfolio and feel free

to tell me what you think of them. Your comments, however harsh they

are, really do help me learn how to improve.

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very nice shot, I scored you at a 7 only because I thought it was a little dark and not as defined as I like to see. I am sure others will score you higher than this anal retentive.
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I really like the majestic look of the full wingspread. However I do find that parts of the main goose are disappearing into the dark background, and this is distracting to me.


I think this photo would look really good with a lighter background, cropping the main goose to portrait.


Geese can be very skittish. So I know all this would be pretty hard to do, considering that they are so tough just to get close to. But I hope these opinions help you anyway.



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