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© (c) 2001 bob@fatboab.org

Graffiti 1


Tamron 35-80mm f2.8-3.5 SP


© (c) 2001 bob@fatboab.org

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I've been trying to make some abstract photos of some graffiti I've

found in an underpass. I'm strugling to decide between doing it in

black & white or colour. I like the tones in the b&w shots, but I'm

wonmdering if I need to go closer and make it a bit more abstract. Any

comments of the generally layout/abstractness or colour scheme welcomed.



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the tones are nice but i think the shots might have more impact in color(ofcourse that depends on the original colors)i'm working on getting a series of shots of some graffiti on railroad cars in a switching yard..an ever changing pallet,but i havent got what i want yet..
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I really like your approach of it in black and white; it tones down the extremeness of it a bit, while refocusing on the fascinating shapes and gradients that make it up. It gives a view that we normally don't see just driving down the street, and makes it fresh and more interesting.
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What makes this much better than just another grafitti shot is the fact that it dosen't really look like grafitti. And the black and white is contributing to that. If it was color, I think it would take away from the abstract feel of the shot. A whole series of these black and white shots would be great!
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This is an excellent shot. I agree with the assessment that the B&W really works. It gives the shot an abstract sense of tone and texture. Color, especially if it isn't striking, may detract from the abstract nature of the shot. Maybe if you posted a comparison shot in color, you'd get some more insightful opinions.
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I agree that B&W is perfect.If you would have gone too close to the graffiti then the photo wouldn't make any sense.I think the distance is the right one!!
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