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Strange sunset


Strange colors from outside our house, no filters used, how is placement of trees in picture?

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This was shot from my house in Fairbanks, Alaska, using Canon Rebel

2000 and Canon 28-80mm lens, with unfornately, only 800 ISO film, but

the colors turned out allright. I was wondering how the placement

was, if any filters should have been used, and any other interesting

postions that people take for sunset photography.

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I would have walked forward and left from where you stood, so the tree on the right didn't obscure the yellow hues as much. You could crop the right & left edges a bit, also, but that's not a big deal.
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I have seen and taken even stranger looking colors than this in the evening sky so this is nothing to me. As for framming it is not bad, I do also agree with getting rid of the tree on the left either my zooming, cropping or walking closer. The tree on the hill does help to add a sense of scale, but it would also work cropped in the center or portrait format with just the sunset and vista in frame. Hope this helps.


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Interesting Colour, I think that you could have perhaps achieved a better shot had you been 20 - 30 yards to your left. Over all I think it is a pretty good image and the placement of the right tree is just fine.


Good Job

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The tree on the right obscures the portion of the sky with the best color. As a general rule, you don't want a tall tree in a sunset picture unless its at the very edge, unless of course the tree is interesting enough to dominate the picture.
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Thanks for all the comments on the photograph. It was one of my first, and I obviously had very little experience in photographing sunsets, not saying I'm shooting for National Geographic or anything now, but I've learned a thing or two. Still though, the placement of the trees was the only one available unless I wanted to walk a few miles to the pipeline, other than that the place was filled with spruce and birch. Please take a look at my other pictures, especially the sunsets, they have gotten better I think; at least I hope.

Thanks again,

Dylan McFarlane

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