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White River falls

White River falls

kool kat


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My first submission for critique. I have often debated in my mind

where this photo should be cropped. If I were to get this

enlarged right now, I would probably bring the top down to just

above the highest tree on the right side of the photo (to help with

the closed in atmosphere), and leave the bottom and sides

where they are. But I think the photo could be helped in a way by

bringing the bottom side up to just below where the rock in the

foreground hits the water. The disadvantage of this would be

that the unique foam swirls at the bottom left would be lost. If

you would like, let me know what you think about the cropping

and and the photograph as a whole. Thanks!

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If you cropped the left, you would lose the eddy in the bottom left corner - I think this adds interest to the picture. There's a lot to look at here, and that eddy is one of them. Agree there's nothing in the sky, but I think the pic looks a bit squeezed if you take it out.
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