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100mm Macro, f5.6 @ 1/60. Hand Held

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I love the image, the focus is perfect. The blurring of the edges makes the shot- but you knew that. Regarding color: the saturation of the colors blue and magenta is quite similar (by my eye) and the yellow and green are a little low. Nothing that a little photoshop can't take care of. Colors of similar hue and saturation is all that color photography is about. I'm looking at this through a glare screen but off hand I would subdue the blue a little (it is after all the background, and why overpower the subject?) and bring up the yellows and greens. I paused and perused this pic, and I'll return to look at it again. That's what makes a good image in my mind.


Just usin' it

not losin' it

my mind

that is.

I gotta get out of here.

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i like the DOF, color, contrast etc. very nice. I find the background in the upper right to be distracting. this shot would have more impact with a pure one color background.
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