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Montmartre Street Scene

50mm 1.7 Zeiss lens.

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Hello all,


I took this shot in February and have gotten a lot of positive

feedback (people actually asking for copies of this photo). This

surprised me because it was just a candid shot of a friend of mine.


I used a Contax Zeiss 50 1.7 and had it at around 5.6. It was taken

at dusk in the Montmartre area.


Anyhow, am I missing something...is there anything to this photo?


Thanks for your input...

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Yes there is one or two things I can see about it. The Line the cars create and the line the people create both form a triangle that leads you into the resturant. If your subject was your friend, that gets slightly confused. But it's a satisfying shot to look at. I was intrigued by the lady with the hood, she looked like someone you would have seen at Ellis Island moving to the US in the early part of the 20th century add to her the fact that you sepia-toned it the shot looks very old and has a rustic feel to it. So the sepia toning will make people think it's something special too.

I like that shot - lot's of mystery, it's not spectacular, but I do like it -- A lot.

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I also like it, and feel that as Stephen Montanino made reference to. The sepia tone, soft focus, lighting and small anomalies such as dust specks all add to the feel of an old photo. Nostalgia? Whatever the reason, I like it.
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