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High Force

Canon EOS 500. On Ilford film scanned into Photoshop and given a dark diffused effect.

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A scan of a black and white neg give some Photoshop treatment

to emulate the effect of a diffusing lens at the printing stage.

Hence the lowlights bleeding into the highlight.

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Thanks for the comment. Although I put this through Photoshop it's not actually a filter as such.


I duplicated the layer. Gaussian Blur on the top one by about 8 pixels then blnded the layers using Darken blend at 100%.


This is the result, similar to a diffusion lens at the printing stage I thought.

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I have to agree, this looks like it was an awesome image before it was manipulated. I am not a fan of images which have an unreal look, a more subtle change would be more visually pleasing.
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Although I am not a fan of B/W photography, this is one of the few images in recent memory which has captured my attention - it is dramatic, almost has a medieval feeling to it. I can't say why, but this image works for me. I would love to see the un-manipulated image though.


Rich Evans

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I like it. I would have given it a lower score without the explanation of how you did it. I am not a fan of " oh that's a cool effect" without some idea where you're going with it.
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A different view of your imagination, it works for some, but others, and myself say, 'bring on the original' wont hurt having both on this site! 6/9 Marc
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Paul, very original but the final image leaves me wanting to see the original shot. (I'll bet it's a winner even without manipulation) Follow MARC's advice & post the original. There are some very strong compositional elements here. Best, LM.
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A few people have asked to see the original version of this shot. I'll be digging out the negative and get it up at the weekend. Thanks for all the positive comments so far.
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How come you don't do more of this stuff (I do not mean PS enhenced, but B&W landscapes). This is a great photo. I would also like to see the original:)
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Thanks for the comments. As to why I odn't dp more b&w landscapes.. well I'd like to but time is not at a premium at the moment. I also like to dabble in other things but maybe my best pics have been b&w and I haven't realised it yet. I'm still learning and haven't decided what I like most in photography yet. Funnily enough it's probably true that what I like to do most isn't necessarily what I'm best at.
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Great dramatic effect. I dont mind PS manipulation, but I think you should have made a mask for the cliffs around the waterfall to prevent blur in this area.
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