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Zoom 80-210 mm


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Agreed. Are these hand colored or with photoshop? Very subtle with choosing the parts for application. Seems on the edges and inbetween the hair you could be a little more careful but it's a beautiful shot.
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I Agree with the other members, I think it would be better either totally in color or B/W , or maybe you could use sepia or something similar. But setting aside that, it's a fine portrait.

well done ,


Walter Iglesias

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Beautiful and also very erotic. You might try a version as is but without the green leaf -- it's a bit distracting and doesn't add much, IMHO.


Still, it's a great photo nonetheless.

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This is my favorite of the bunch. I like the model's pose and downward gaze, the coloring (great on all of them), and in my opinion the cropping is perfect.
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