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I like this photo--the clouds and tree individually are great. In concert, the image doesn't work as well for me. Clouds over the tree don't give the composition much balance, and pull my eyes of the photo. This is still an admirable shot, I'd just like a different composition.
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You're lucky (or clever?) by having found such an interesting object and shot in the right moment. Would like to see it in a bigger format, and wonder how the color one would look like.
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This was actually a pretty tough shot to get, and was the only composition I took while spending an afternoon at Joshua Tree N.P. I was frustrated by all the jet trails, and had just about given up when I saw this unusual cloud hauling butt. I scrambled to look for a Joshua Tree that would make an interesting silhouette and composed to intercept the cloud when it moved into the frame. I had to shoot at f5.6 to keep a decent shutter speed. The color version is more 3 dimensional and the colors are way cool, but the slide wouldn't scan well, so I converted to B&W. I usually just use matrix metering and then bracket in 1/2 stop increments +/- 1 stop.


Thanks for the comments, everybody :-)

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And of a great bunch, I think this is my favourite. Not sure why, maybe I'm tiring of colour in my old age (I'm 26) but there's something so satisfying about a good graphic black and white! Great stuff.
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