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Angel eyes
© copyright Dave Rotering (drcpr@qwest.net)

Angel eyes




© copyright Dave Rotering (drcpr@qwest.net)


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Having a picture of our white dog, Angel's, face and the eyes just

seemed to stand out most of all. Realizing that less is sometimes

more, I dodged out the rest of her face. My mind almost fills in the

rest of the face, is it just me because I know the dog, or do you see

it too. Any comments would be apprecitated.

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Well....less may be better, but this is 'too less' IMHO. The hair of a dog can have such nice textures, why take that away?
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I think it's a great picture. The position of the eyes and the big blank space disturbs me, which keeps me looking at it.

Whilst I think it is good, I can't decide whether or not I like it! If it were my picture I think it would alternate between being on the wall and hidden in a cupboard.

...which is supposed to be a compliment, I think.

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wow..what an image.

Pls do check out our website www.angeleyes.in 

We run an animal welfare organisation in New Delhi, India...named Angel Eyes Animal Welfare Foundation.

What a fitting image for our organisation.

what will be the procedure for us to use this image in our logo ??

Looking forward to your response...


Manta Sidhu


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