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First successful macro shot

First successful macro shot

I picked this wildflower from my yard, and carefully positioned it with shadows behind, with the low setting sun backlighting the flower. Used my 180mm f3.5L macro on my '1v, 1/100th sec @ f16. I spot metered on the shadowes and kicked that reading down two stops. Let me know what you think about it.


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This is one of the first macro photos that came out exactly as I saw

it in my mind's eye. This is a common wildflower / weed in Minnesota,

called White Campion (Lychnis alba). The white flowers emerge every

night from the bulb. I'd like to know what you think.

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I hate hearing people specking in terms of "engineering" while doing art. The discipline "Art Engineering" does not exist and I hope nobody will invent it. I give you a double 10 for your art, and a virtual (or moral) ZERO for the use of the term "engineering".
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This is a very beautiful picture. Congratulations. If I may ask... the totally black background puzzles me. Was there absolutely no dark-room (PS) work on this?
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