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300mm Nikkor, f4.5, 1/125, tripod.

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Alright, I know from my own experience that most of the people in

this community are fine art photographers and tend to snub outdoor

photography. (Trust me, I look at the work of others who rate my

photos, and the lowest ratings come from people who are doing mostly

fine art, black and white, sometimes abstract work.) So I am really

going to go out on a limb here and seek feedback on a wildlife shot --

something rarely seen here at Photo.net. Perhaps there is a reason

for this? The answer to that question most certainly is NOT "Because

wildlife photography is not art." Prove me wrong.

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Thanks for"going out on a limb" Carl, or in the meadow for a nice shot of a moose. If one encounters a scene in the natural world, and takes more than a 10 second glance, or looks back again , then something about the scene intrests them just a fine art sculpture or photo in a museum causing the same reaction?


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I think there should be a taxonomy on this site between studio (manipulated) subject photography, and candid or found subject photography. Of course, both can be art- absolutely, but both present very different challenges worth acknowledging.


I like the moose.

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Interesting thing going on in this thread. From my point of view, there are three main categories of photo's. 1=The world as intended (like this picture), 2=The world as we made it (people, street photography etc, 3=the world as some see / would like to see (manipulated and/or controlled scene's). Anyhow, personally I love wildlife/nature pictures, and think this makes a great one. Bit on the dark side maybe (but this might just be my monitor). Anyhow, wheter wildlife is art is perception, for what its worth: to my eye it certainly is! And for those who claim art-photo is determined by if it triggers emotion: emotion-triggers are different amongst people and could be anything. Therefore, anything could be considered art (just my humble opinion).
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For Elaine: It's a boy! You can tell by the big antlers. The girls don't have those. For Carl: Damn nice photo! I love wildlife photos and this is a really really good one in my book.
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I love the dof, it really brings the moose forward. The stance of the creature is great, you took an excellent angle. This isn't just a technical shot, there were 'artist' judgements going on. To keep the top black portion of bkgrd (which gives pleasing comp), to choose the eyelevel of the cam for the perspective. Wildlife photography is an art in itself - so far I have tried & failed miserably!!
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I have rescanned the image and improved the darkness from the previous version. What you see above should address any darkness concerns.
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I lived in Anchorage for two years, but

never dared to get close enough to take

a picture of the many moose we saw.

Thanks for sharing ... it's a great photo

and the flowers make it almost pretty? ;)

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