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Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh


Shot in murky weather with zoom lens. Waited for a short time for tourists to clear the area.

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I would considering crop the left side of the photo off and just use the archways to emphasize the perspective. Plus the windows facing us are a little blown out.
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I like the leading line from the bottom right corner. That way you see all the details. The only thing that is a bit distracting is the white window at the top left corner, so it draws too much attention. If you can darken that windown a bit, then it wouldn't be in the center of attention any more.
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Good, but not perfect. As Randy pointed out, it's a little over exposed. I wouldn't crop the left side arches entirely, but adding to the leftmost half arch would probably be good. It would also be nice to terminate the right side on an open arch. In short, go more to the left.


I'd also lower the camera to make the intersection of line and frame on the right side more symmetrical.


A polarizer would probably help cut the glare off the left side windows.


Hmm... I seem to be repeating my comments on Rust and Autumn Sun IV.

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