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I love the colors in this image, and how abstract it is, to be honest with you, other then assuming it's a macro or telephoto shot, I don't know what this is! But I love the shot, and feel no need to understand the subject per-se, just a need to enjoy the shot. Good work, you should be proud.
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I like your pic very much. Good use of colors and lines. It works for me.

Which lens did you use? arround the 20mm or shorter is my guess, but it's focusing very close. Would you share your technique with us?


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Thanks everyone for taking the time and effort to comment. I will try and make things a bit clearer.

Ok, it's a macro of an anther (the bit the pollen comes from)of a lily.The green lines are the filaments that hold up the other anthers. The pink is from the petals.

Technically: I used the Canon EF 50/1.8 MkI with 65mm woth of extension tubes. The frame is slightly bigger than life size. It was lit from a large bay window which gives nice even lighting.I think a used a piece of white card to bounce some light back down onto it. Even though the lens was set to f8, you can see the anther goes out of focus at the edges where it curves away. That's a DOF of about 0.5mm!

What I personally don't like about the image is the shadow areas around the ends of the anthers where detail is lost. Oh well!!!

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