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Digging for Baby Clams


Shot in murky weather, mixed sun and clouds. Used an 89b filter to simulate infrared. Toned in PS.

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I'm interested in what people think about this effect--using digital

infrared and turning into a duotone in Photoshop. I took a bunch of

these on a fairly cloudy day (not that good for infrared) during my

twins birthday party at the beach. Shots were handheld and meant to

have a spontaneous feel. I'd appreciate your comments, ratings, and

feedback. Thanks.

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The cool tones and no faces gives this a very alienated feel. If that's what you were going for, that's good. If it's a family photo, less good.
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This is an incredibly good shot. Congratulations. This is a prize winning image. Great lighting. Great use of imagery. Lots of action and a story line to boot. I love it. It's one of the best shots on this forum. The horizon has nothing to do with anything. It doesn't matter one wit. It's the action and the story here that counts. Bresson and Eisenstadt would be pleased with this.
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I love this shot. It has a certain mystical, timeless magic to it. The titled horizon is fine here, and may actually improve the effect.
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I saw this photo six months ago or so. Thought it was good then. Still do. The image has many aspects to appreciate: the low angle, the sense of involvement we are given, the complete attention of the children to their activities (reinforced by not seeing their faces/eyes/etc). The titled horizon works for me as it seems to add to the dymamic of the photo. Well done!!
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The INfrared Dueton works well . I picked this one when going thru your folders as it stands out . It is a good photo on itd own but I wonder is incrisiing contrast or burning some parts would make it even better. Regards PK.
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The titled horiz. is great. It hads some drama, which is great consider that the subjects faces are not shown (yes, I know profile of boy) it looks like the girl is walking away disappointed. Her hands are holding something, but we dont know what and her hair is slung over her shoulder, head looking down.


It a modern version of Furman S. Daldwins tinted series "il bacio"

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