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Yellow butterfly with black shadow?


Pentax k-1000 70--280 zoom /f? 1/500th


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---following the suggestions of critiquers here, (Blago , David,

Albert, et.al) see the results. (1) Scanned at 600dpi rather than

400dpi, (2) Cropped left and bottom (3)Added green tint (4) Increased

sharpness (5) Adjust ambience (with Ulead photo manipulation rather

than reflector, --Albert) and (6) reduced size.

Does too many 'cooks' spoil the soup so to speak, or is the result

from all the advice valid? What??? Now a perfect picuture!!

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Just isn't sharp, at least not on the web. With these, with all respect, cliche shots. It all evolves around excecution. Lighting isn't stagering either. So what is left is butterflies against a green background. And against the competion I'm seeing on this site that ain't good enough




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You have some beautiful butterfly pics in your folder. Some with more detail & focus, but this is my fave. The diagonal shift of the flowers & the fact there are two butterflies following that shift, really appeal to me.
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Great image -- nice composition. It is probably the scan, but I wish the image were a touch sharper. Have you tried sharpening it a wee bit in Photoshop or Corel Photohouse? Kind regards, m.
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