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Bringing water...


Pentax Z1, 200 f2.8 @f5.6

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I already posted this shot for critique some times ago but I

accidentaly deleted the post (ooops!). Surprisingly, I don't think

anybody commented on what is, in my opinion, the major flaw in this

photo: the fact that I didn't manage to get the girl's attention

(although I got her little brother's (?)). Still, I like this picture

and I'd like to know if it "works" for you (whatever that means).

Background: I was visiting for the second time Mali (I was a teacher

in Ivory Coast at this time) and we (me and my girlfriend) went for a

walk on the Niger's borders. We arrived at a small Peul's village

where a procession of youngsters were carrying back buckets of water

from the (quite distant) river.

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I think those is one of those "almost great" photos. But the presence of the boy is a big distraction. Also, the photo doesn't clearly show the sweat running down the girl's body nor does it clearly show the dead look in her young eyes.
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I agree that the boy is distracting. Concerning

the dead look: I don't know what you're talking

about, Charles. The fact that you didn't get her

attention is no problem for me.

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