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747 over the head!


Before the closing down of the old Kai Tak Airport in mid 1998, international jet liners fly over the densely-populated Kowloon City everyday at an altitude of less than one hundred feet. The approach-guide lights are actually installed at the roof of ordinary residential blocks! Nikkor 20mm F/2.8 AIS, 3R photo scanned by HP ScanJet 4c/T

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An interesting scene that probably cannot be seen in any part of the

world except here.


Please rate and comment; and you are welcome to rate my other photos.


Thank you very much.

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The subject matter is interesting but the picture just seems "blah" to me. No color or vibrancy. Of course, I have no suggestions on how it could have been improved.
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The subject is interesting, however the photo has no great point to draw you in, its just a photo of an interesting phenomenon.
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I like it. It wasn't shot with anything special like a polarizer, but was a great "this is a trip, and I gotta get this shot." Even those on the street are looking up at the plane. A hodgepodge of action is about the best way to discribe. I like it.
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There is not too much that could have been done to this shot. The saturation could be increased in printing to give better contrast, but that's basically it. My first reaction was 'Look Out!' until I looked closer. Interesting shot over all.
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Totally agree. I have forgotten to put on a polarizer. Photoshop might be a partial remedy at this stage. Also, I should have taken this photo in the morning or evening for a lower angle sun light.
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Take this photo into photoshop and SATURATE SATURATE SATURATE. This pic could look really cool, after all, it's a pretty cool thing. Just make it richer. Maybe, if you get a reprint, take it to a good lab where you can ask them to make it richer. If the colors are better, this picture will be worlds better.
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hi there,


a 4/4 if you had captured this in b/w. i know it`s a matter of taste, but presented in these colours i don`t find it that asthetic.


something completely different: the combination fm2 + 2.8/20mm really rocks!


kind regards,




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