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Face Similarity...Fish-Man   Ekincik/Mugla/Turkiye

Face Similarity...Fish-Man Ekincik/Mugla/Turkiye




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I think it is funny yet it allows the subject to retain his dignity. Too many photos treat their subjects disrespectfully. You should be proud of this photo.


I would try to get a model release on this man if I could. This is an excellent photo. I think it has potential as a travel or stock photo.

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I think he looks like the fish closest to his face. All you need is a little blue hat for the fish. Nice work.
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technically, the colors might have been more balanced, perhaps if the day had been overcast, but who cares? this guy and his fish are just great! not only does he look like his fish, but he looks so happy and at-home with his place in life...wonder what he looked like before years of marine life...? i definitely agree about capturing the humor and the almost whimsical sense of the situation without compromising your subject. congrats!
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Clever idea and a good humor, Haluk. There are

a still-life (on the tray), a portrait, and a landscape.

But they complement each other and that makes

a very original and a good looking photo. Congratulations!

(BTW, it seems to me a little tilted to the right?) Blago

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