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The Homeless Soul

The Homeless Soul


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This shot was taking from a moving car the very day I bought the

camera. Downtown Edmonton, this fellow was selling a publication for

low and no-income people to help them make some money. He spotted me

pointing the camera at him, and posed as such.

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I'm sorry but I think you could have done a lot more with your subject. The blownout highlight in the forground is very distracting and has thrown out the metering for the rest of the shot. The background two is very distracting. I'm not sure if its my monitor but I find it hard to distinguish the subjects face from the pebble texture behind him.

You subject it looking to the sky, what is he looking at? Can you place something in the frame to indicate what he is searching for?


Certainly I would recommend cropping much closer, to remove the distracting objects in this image and to move the subject off center.


While not a big fan of special effect filters you may want to try various closeup or others. Or possibly try the b/w mode on your camera (or work with the image in photoshop)


Good luck with you composition



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I've cropped, desaturated, changed levels, added contrast and a sharpen filter to your photo. And felt it could have been titled in kind. I like to chase these images. Just like the parisian promeneurs used to do earlier in the XX century. Congratulations for your capture.

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