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Mountain brook


Nikon 28-105, 2 second exposure. Please ignore the dust on the scan. The scanner used was filthy. Will try to re-scan later.

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This picture was taken very early in the morning

along the Alpine Loop highway in Utah. I got there before sunrise to

make sure I could use a slow shutter speed to blur the water.


Please ignore the dust specs on the image. They're from the scanner



Thanks for your input.

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Curtis, This is the type of result we would all like to come back with. 7/6. A little on the cool side but maybe that's the way it was. A keeper. Best, LM.
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I like the cool tone here. Velvia would have been too warm and possibly ruined this image. Looks like you used the right tool for the job. Excellent image.
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Sometimes I see a photo that I really like except for one thing. I think this looks a lot better this way, but either way it is a really good photo. Good job

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Thanks for the nice comments.


When a friend of mine scanned the slide, I was pretty unhappy with the results. For some reason, the scanned image was really flat and lacked the vibrancy of the slide, especially in the water areas. After I got the image file, I used a program to try to make the water as blue as it looked in the original, but it looks like I increased it a little too much. Tonight after work I went and picked up a 5x7 print I had made from the slide, and the water is not quite as deep a blue as I made it appear. Sorry. I wasn't trying to mislead anyone, I was just trying to make the bitmap look like the slide.



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