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Wayne Melia

scanned & croppedAs an point of interest(?), the screen in the pic gave some really wild moire with my monitor at specific sizes when I was cropping and tuning curves on the original. I didn't realize what was happening at first, and it nearly caused setious consequences to the health of myself and my scanner!

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Unusual image. The brown color palette and the light diffusing through the netting are very interesting. And the expression of the child is superb: let me out!
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A very eye-catching image. The subdued tones and dark colors here work well, and they set this off from the run-of-the-mill "pretty" photograph. The child's posture and expression are intriguing, haunting even. Well seen.
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I see you are always on the lookout for unique possibilities. I admire that in your photography. I try to do that to. It doesn't always work but it sure does keep things interesting.

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This image reminds me of classic old-school photography. I will put it among my favorites as a source of inspiration.
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