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I disagree with Mr. Salup's statement about the light posts. I think they are what keep this from being just another boring bridge senic.


They add a sense of foreboding and constraint to the picture. They make the bridge seem . . . finite.

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I call this a very successful picture of the bridge and the barge drawbridge. I wish you had panned left to get more of the foreground barge, water traffic that is interesting to me anyway,and which I feel add depth to the composition. The subject on the right is not without merit,- in or out, either way,- but as a post and jib structurewith the lights on it is not to my eye all that interesting, somewhat ambiguous as to what it is, and the lights mounted on it kind of pull the eye off to the side rather than adding a frame as if it were a silhouetted lampost. That's a quickie reaction and may change with viewing. Overall,without doubt a pleasing shot. Two thumbs up.GS
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I like this shot, it just conveys so much of the atmosphere of London. I agree that the street lamp on the right adds something but think that it lacks shape to identify it. Also, minor detail, but the scan hasn't been cropped properly.
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A good one.... I liked the mood in this photo.The only thing you could do was panning a little left as said... try cropping the photo.. Good work!
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Oche' klassnaya fotka, I would say "inspiring" about Foggy Albion, gloommy London :) Naschet fonarikov soglasen - luchshe ubrat' i poloski chernye sprava i sleva tozhe ya by podrezal, togda by vyhse bal postavil :) Keep it that way! Drugie fotki tozhe klassnye...
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1-1's and 4-4's ?????????............... They must have some pretty good stuff !! ....................... I'll check ................................... Nope .......................... (-;
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