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Salt Polygons

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fantastic. I prefer(slightly) the second version because it lacks the darkening of the horizon on the upper LH side caused by forshortening of the dark upright formations between the salt basins.
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I´ve got to say, I like the first one for it´s lack of light in the clouds and background. I think it gives a sinister look to the photo- maybe that´s what what you were looking for, but it still makes for a good photo. Great use of the foreground (salt), but then again that is what you photographing so that comment goes without mentioning. The only fault I find is the slope of the mountains in the background- but then again you can´t really help that can you. Great photo.
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I see that many people are looking at this photo, but I am not getting any ratings or comments. Would really like your ratinngs or/and comments


Thanks for taking your time.

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Definately like this version better than the first. I find the contrast/colour in this shot to be very dramatic, where as the lighter version doesn't do much for me. Great shot.
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