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Just getting back into this, feel free to ding on this one for me.

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this is a barely altered scan of a B&W 8X10 (dust and such) with a

little red added for that "old" look. The dark line on the right is

from some dumb ass (that would be me) opening the envelope of photo

paper and exposing the edges, but I still like the product and enjoy

experimenting with it. Appreciate any critique of the photo, but not

of the spelling. Thanks.

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Nice picture, I really like the expression on her face, and the way her feet are curled up. Sepia - like tones add to the ambient as well. Well done, it seems it's coming back to you ;) .
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This is a very good picture; she's not too posed looking, and looks like she has other thoughts going on besides getting her picture taken. I'm not sure I like the faux sepia, though. It's not an antique photo, doesn't look like one, so why try?



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Nice image. In my opinion this image needs a bit more contrast (particularly on the left) and a touch of cropping from the top (lose maybe half of the chair above the child's head). I don't particularly like the tone you have chosen, it seems a touch muddy rather than sepia and not particularly attractive.


Emir ... why can only antique pictures be sepia toned? If you like a colour/tone/tint use it. I am a fan of toning and use it a lot. I am generally not trying to make things look old, although I have done a couple of times, I use toning of all kinds to change mood/atmosphere ... or just because I like the colour.



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Shall we slaughter with a knife or a gun? Just kidding. You are on the right track, but using damaged paper is inexcusable. I don't like the fact that the feet are lighter than the head. I also think that there is a lot of wasted space, although, that is subjective. Images of children are very precious because of their value as the child gets older. You seem to have taken that for granted, by using the paper, and using all that space without revealing the environment. Now, take what I said, cut the severity in half, and add a hand shake, and let me say that I like the picture, I like the toning, and it seems that you are on the right track. I only ask, that if you are 'getting back into' photography, that you look at it in a new way, and try to extend your capabilities.
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i think you have cheated. It would be hard to take a bad picture of such a pretty girl. For me the only test a photo should stand up to is, DO YOu LIKE IT? i like it.
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