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Lookout terrace in Machu Picchu.

thales milesius

Levels adjusted with PS.

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This is another shot, part of a series of pictures that I will post about Machu Picchu. Like everyone who has visited it I'm still impressed for how many beautiful sights that citadel has, especially those who are close to the almost vertical walls of the mountain.

With this one I wanted you to imagine how does it feel to be there. Comments appreciated.

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Thanks Daniel. Actually there are a few other enjoying issues regarding this place that aren't in this picture, and that is that you need to pass by several rooms of a distant (to tour journeys) big house in order to get there. As tourists don't go, that gave my staying there an extra good feeling, because as MP is usually full of people at that hour of the day, this place instead can make you feel like if you were the owner of the abyss. :)
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Great view, Augusto. Isn't it amazing to think that these stones were brought here? Early last year they finally launched an exhibit of Machu Picchu at the Peabody Museum at Yale, where for the first time since Hiram Bingham's return 100 years ago, they displayed the objects he brought back, along with expanded theories of how this city was used.
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Thanks Sarah, Linda and Guillermo.

Linda I'm glad every time I get to know of the international appreciation of our culture. Certainly we owe Hiram Bingham for sharing this place to the world, but as a peruvian I'd try to convince you to align to us in our struggle to have those objects back to Peru. :)

You know, Machu Picchu doesn't have a site museum. Why? Because all objects found there at the excavations were carried to Yale University. Not just a few pottery pieces, not just a few bonies, but all of them. They can't sustain anymore that we can't take care of them, so why don't they return them to us? Hope you are on our side. :)

Here's more info on the subject

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Aprecio muy especialmente las estructuras fortificadas e ilustrarlas en su contexto, tal como haces aquí. El mérito adicional es la adecuada exposición y el encuadre justo. Muy lograda
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