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© (c) 2000 Philip Harle www.virtualtraveller.org

Reflection in the pond, Hollywood Road park


Minolta 50mm at f5.6


© (c) 2000 Philip Harle www.virtualtraveller.org

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Hi, I'm new to Photo.net and have had lots of people looking at my

portfolio but no comments! Please, speak to me!!

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Thanks for the comment! It's a reflection, so the contrast is low. I could have "corrected" it in Photoshop, and increased saturation, but I liked it better how it was. I think the subdued colours add to the tranquility of the scene.
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Phillip, At least on my monitor, and at the resolution shown, I can't find any indication that this a reflection in a pond. there is no reference to the fact that the buildings are rippling because of the pond, and not some fancy PS or KPT Goo filter. The fact that the buildings apear right side up also confuses the "message" that this is a reflection "shot" and not a beginner playing with Photoshop.

I think it would have been more interesting with some reference to the pond's edge. Maybe a boy with a fishing pole, or a bystander.

FWIW, Steve Jantscher

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Maybe you'd prefer the original slide - this is quite a severe crop because I thought as you did when I took the picture but on reflection (no pun intended!) decided the "confusion" element added to the shot!
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The reflection looks stronger and to my mind better in the "original". If you could keep that strength in your cropped version I think that would improve it. I also think that a more extended "portrait" format would be better to emphasise the height of the building. There is plenty of room to do this and you could even include the plant pot as a clue to origin of the picture.


I like this image anyway and isolating and inverting the reflection adds that extra touch of originallity. 7/6

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Hahaha! I like the little debate on "disbelief". Is it an "original" ? Is Duchamp's "Fountain" art? Let me explain.

If the "original", uncropped picture, would have been presented first. The picture would have probably been dimissed has a common photo. Now that there is a "controversy" around it, the interest increases.


I don't think this was all intentional, but this is a nice setup to have a little controversy. Try this at school with your photo teacher or gallery manager.


BTW I prefer the cropped and reversed version.


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