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I love to take fireworks pictures. As such I know how hard it is to get a good foreground element or background to line up with the fireworks. You did a great job setting this shot up. Your exsposure and composition are excellent as well. I would like to know how far away from the building were the fireworks (and how far away from you) and also what lens did you use?
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Thanks for your comments.


John, the fireworks are about 200 - 300 meters behind the Camponile fired from a bridge spanning the Connecticut River. Photographers set up on the steps of the Springfield, Ma Civic Center which is about 150 meters from the Camponile.


I used a Canon 70 -200L lens on my D30 set at 110mm which converts to around 160mm on the D30. ISO set at 100, F8 @ 4 seconds.


More versions of this shot in my fireworks folder.

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