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Observatory at Mt Wellington, Hobart - 11pm


Exp - 30 min with a full moon. F8.

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This was taken around 11pm on top a freezing cold Mt Wellington here

in Hobart (one of the more photogenic cities in the world!!) with a

30 minute exposure at f8. The plan is to go back with only a half

moon so that there's more detail in the star trails. Any other

comments and suggestions welcome.

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For better star-trails you'll need darker sky... not easy with the Moon up. If the Moon is low in the sky you might be able to re-compose so that it is behind you (and the camera) so the sky in the scene will be a bit darker, but not much. Also, I've found that Moonlight can be "warmer" when it's low in the sky. Be aware that the rising Sun, even though it's well below the horizon, can contribute to bright sky also.
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Overexposed in my view. With objects in the photo, and not just sky, I would use Tungsten balanced film for this type of shot. It will give the sky a much more appealing blue.
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