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Propane Tank Pile


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This photo was taken as part an assignment at a photographic

workshop. The assignment was "The Junkyard". My goal in this

particular composition was to bring out a sense of order and balance

in the otherwise unorderly pile of junk. Did I succeed? (I didn't

move any of the tanks, but I did move a tree limb off of this pile.)

Any comments, positive or negative, are appreciated! Feel free to

comment or rate the other photos from my assignment as well.

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It's been brought to my attention that most of the tanks in my photo are not propane tanks, but refrigerant tanks. Sorry if I've misled anyone :)


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All of the images in this folder are interesting. You've made an awful lot out of a little with interesting patterns, forms, and textures.
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Oh yes, there is some order in this 'chaos'. The colours & textures are pretty uniform, and even the tilted angles of the tanks haphazardly creates a pattern. Top shot in my book!
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I'm impressed by this one, too. Great picture of an unlikely subject! I agree with Geraldine that there is some kind of order, here.
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