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South Edinburgh, Scotland, 2000


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This is the product of my first work in the darkroom. I know it's

probably hard to give feedback w/r/t what to do in the darkroom,

looking at a single printed photo, but anyhow general feedback --

like does it work at all or not, did I dick up the framing, contrast,

&c. -- would be appreciated.

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Nice shot, good composition and usage of 1/3's. I would have dodged and burned a bit more in the midtones to bring out the textures and shades in the wood scraps and punched up the contrast overall. Good photo!
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I agree with Peter, and those two little whiteareas are a nice touch. A good printer will oftenmake several prints at different densities andcontrasts, not to mention croppngs and dodging andburning schemes. I realize this takes time andmoney, but it's part of the learning process. After you've arrived at several possibilities, set the prints aside for a day or two, and revist them with a fresh eye. There is almost never just one"perfect' way to render an image. and opinions will vary widely. In creative work, I shoot and print for MYSELF, not for others. If it's accepted, fine, and if not, that's fine too. Thegreat artists stuck by their guns, though I freelyadmit many died in obscurity and poverty, but manywere "discovered" posthumously. If you feel you have the artistic gift, then learn the craft byDOING! When the craft and the art come together,a light will go on!! You'll know when andif this happens.
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