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Feather Dusters

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so many incomplete "feather dusters"and not one complete one is a problem(to me)on this shot..but the color and detail and feeling of motion are very good..it's still a cool picture
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While I don't feel qualified to rate your shot; Three things I personally like. (1) I like how you have used the depth of field. The forward detail is great. The rear portion, as focus fades, provides a sense of movement. (2) You resisted putting a single star subject in the middle of the shot. The three or four partial subjects makes an intersting and complete presentation that does not look text book. (3) Relating to my second comment, the opening in the center of the shot gives good depth and dimension. Other more qualified will disagree, but I like it. IMHO
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I like the softness of colour, almost pastel but not quite. The whites are white and the darks are dark, something I always look for in a picture. Also the cropped & incomplete dusters give a certain element of 'abstract' which I personally like.
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