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The Thames or Isis, flooded at Oxford

The Thames or Isis, flooded at Oxford



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I really like this photo. I note the zone system is needing some repair here though. I think it is a scanner issue or software. No Blackest black or whitest white, or something missing in that score. See if you can rescan it with a 4000ED from Nikon.
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I have had mixed reviews about this photograph.


I was walking along the banks of the river during the flooding in

England a couple of years ago. I intended to take a photograph to

document the floods, when the cyclist came by, so without thinking I

just crouched down and clicked the shutter release.


I am quite hapy with the result, but what could I have done better?

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My experience was the same as Tom's. As I scrolled the image around I discovered a "sweet spot" that made the cyclist's travel much more dramatic. I tried to find it using the large image but didn't quite achieve the same impact. FWIW, in my preferred display the cyclist can fit about 3 times vertically, and he is positioned at about 2/3 to the right.


Interesting shot.

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A little creative cropping would increase the impact of this already dramatic shot.

Give the bloke on the bike a purpose in life. Push him forward.

Well done

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Hi, Nicholas, have just found this photo and was caught by the cyclist and the stirred water behind him. You posted this months ago and probably you have already worked on it;if not, I second those who suggest some cropping to give more "stage" to the cyclist. This is indeed a nice capture.
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thanks for commenting on my picture; i looked around your portfolio, this is one of the pics I like best. biking on water is a great subject, and the composition really works for me. don't really like the low contrast, i would play more with levels.
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Thanks for the comment 8===D ~~~.


I agree entirely about the contrast.


You will see that this photograph was first posted in 2002. At that time, I had a cheap scanner, and I didn't really know what I was doing. So I have re-scanned the original print, and have re-posted it on the site.


Here, I include the earlier example for comparrison.


Regards, Nick.

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I'm sorry Porter, but I don't think I could ever explain this photograph.


If it means nothing to you as a visual image, why would a written explanation help? Don't seek explanations, go with your heart - if you don't like an image, then just leave it at that.


Thanks for stopping by, regards, Nick.

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